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Posted on Jul 19, 2013 in Blog

Escape the Arizona heat at SeaWorld

Since I grew up in Sunny California, SeaWorld, has always been a favorite spot of mine.  As a kid, my parents would take me there every summer, and now that I have kids of my own I am carrying on the same tradition.  So just when I thought my kids might be outgrowing SeaWorld, they went ahead and added a new roller coaster ride  called, Manta, which not only excites my 15 year old son, Brenden, but I actually like it too.  It’s not a crazy, upside down, herky-jerky, roller coaster, but a tickle your tummy, fast kind of ride.  It’s hard to explain, but let’s just say I could go on it over and over again!  Combine that ride with the beautiful San Diego weather and it’s beautiful grounds, SeaWorld is for sure on my top 10 list of favorite places.